Automaniac: any intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person pertaining to automobiles...


Combining our passion for cool rides, the love of a "good deal", the frustration from local car dealers and online scams, we created Automaniacs to help you save thousands on your next vehicle purchase and alleviate the time, stress, disappointment and anxiety often associated with the typical car buying experience.

As a fully licensed AMVIC  auto dealership and auto broker located in Calgary, Alberta,  we have access to wholesale dealer auctions and wholesale dealership inventory across North America. This allows us to purchase late model, low mileage, accident free, pre-owned vehicles on your behalf at wholesale prices and save you thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase while we do all the work for you! And, unlike traditional dealerships, we keep very little inventory on hand allowing us to keep our overhead and broker fees ridiculously low. Our fee system is also unique in that we are a fully transparent dealership, giving you access to every expense within the buying process. For more information on our fee system, please visit our fees page.

Due to the depriciation on new vehicles, we prefer to deal in late model, low mileage, accident free, pre-owned cars, trucks, mini-vans, motorcycles, SUV's, XUV's and ATV's with factory warranty remaining, so that any mechanical issues are covered by the manufacturers warranty and your savings are maximized. But we can also help you find that illusive collector car, classic car, muscle car, hot rod, exotic or sports car. Third party warranties are also available at the time of purchase for vehicles that are out of warranty. Some restrictions do apply. For more information on our third party warranties and what vehicles are covered, please visit our warranties page.

If you prefer new vehicles, we can still potentially help save you save thousands of dollars, several hours of your time and alleviate the stress and anxiety that goes along with going to a new car dealership. Despite not being able to purchase new vehicles directly, as professional car buyers or buyers agents, (think real estate agents for vehicles) we have established relationships with the manufacturers dealershipsn and the tools, skill and time to search for and negotiate the best price for you on your new vehicle. For more information on our new vehicle buying process please visit our new car buying page.

As mentioned above, we search across Canada and in some cases across the USA for those customers looking to take advantage of a strong Canadian dollar and weak US economy to import your next new or pre-owened vehicle and we will  take care of the whole importation process for you! For more information on our importation process we encourage you visit our imports page.

During our daily searches for our clients, we also come across some great deals and interesting vehicles that we purchase and sell back to other dealerships or to the public. We don't keep much inventory on hand so we can keep our overhead low but we encourage to check out our for sale page and if you don't see anything you like just fill out our Vehicle Request Form or contact us today so we can find something for that you do!

No stress, no haggling, no online scams, no high pressure sales tactics to deal with and save hours of your time! We do all the work and you can save thousands of dollars in the process!


For more information, please call us today at 1.877.259.2484, email us at or you can fill out our contact form. Or if you are ready to get started simply fill out a Vehicle Request Form.